Thursday, 16 February 2012

My first vibe

I always thought that adult sex toys were taboo. My boyfriend and I were going away for the weekend and he suprised me with my first vibrator.

It was blue - baby blue, silky and smooth. I know now that it was a standard toy, contemporary or 'classic' they called it, just like the one in this pic. Nothing compared to the toys that have graced my box since. Two double-a batteries and it whired more like an electric toothbrush would than something that was intended to bring me pleasure. But was I wrong!

Nervous at first, (as every good girl should be) I needed a little wine . . . ok, perhaps a lot of wine . . . to put my mind at ease. I found it hard to relax, knowing that this certainly didn't gel with the 'good girl' image I'd worked so hard to perfect.

Once I had calmed, and not without a significant amount of suggestion from my partner, I allowed the noisy little object to caress me. Slowly but surely, the vibrator slid in me suprisingly easily. My whole body twitched as it buzzed deep inside me - I never thought such a small toy could bring so much pleasure!

Luckily, we were staying at a cabin in the woods, as my shreaks of glee were intense to say the least. I passed out from the experience, leaving my boyfriend delighted . . . and all alone!

My love affair with things that go 'buzz' in the night hasn't subsided, moving from one challenging toy to the next. I guess I am addicted, but is that a bad thing?

I don't think so . . . 80)


  1. Just found your blog and cant wait to follow!

  2. Some people get so caught up with the buzz, they can't feel the real thing anymore. (and that's the truth) It's great when you are home alone, but can it caress you in the middle of the night, especially after the batter goes dead?