Monday, 2 July 2012

While hubby is away, I play......

Hubby and I have been married 7 years, 7 fantastic years and I love him with all my heart.  Although with the stresses of work, family and everything that goes along with it, I forget (too frequently) to just relax and have fun. 

The 7 year itch, is it true? Absolutely but hubby and I continue to challenge each other to new sexual heights.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I had 27 consecutive orgasms.  Yes, I am not lying 27!  A little help from my friends; Hitachi and Mr. Holmes.  To be entirely honest, hubby deserves all the credit and I all too willingly play along; especially for that historic outcome!  I must have broke some record.

I have found a new escape, "Fifty Shades of Grey" and now "Fifty Shades Darker".  How can I be so turned on by such horrible literature!  Even now, I reach down and feel my pussy already wet just thinking about it.  I have never before felt the urge for my hubby to lick ice cream off my chest or get dressed up and clench balls in my pussy but now I am very intrigued to try these experiences on my own, too bad hubby is away and I will have to find another way to play.

So I start with my trusted friend - Hitachi on low to awaken my pussy.  My pussy starts to tingle and I want more.  So I give my other pal, Lelo a go - not bad but not quite right either.  Need something a little bigger.  So I give the dildo suction cup style a turn......not bad...I feel so naughty.  I would feel even naughtier if hubby came home early and caught me in the act.  How about two should I try two - yes, my pussy feels so much more full.  How about 3 - no not yet anyway.  Maybe I need some more practice, has anyone ever fit 3 dildos?  I feel so dirty.  Closing my eyes, I think of hubby stroking his cock and cheering me on.  I love it when he doesn't let me cum and teases me with slow strokes.  It's time - I cannot wait any longer!  I grab Mr. Holmes and shove it in my pussy.  I can't believe I have used all these toys without hubby home.  I turn the Hitachi onto High.  Mr. Holmes still in my pussy and I cum so hard.....I can't stop cumming.  I think of my secret fantasy - the sybian and I cum more!  I clean my toys and put them away until the next time hubby is away.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My first vibe

I always thought that adult sex toys were taboo. My boyfriend and I were going away for the weekend and he suprised me with my first vibrator.

It was blue - baby blue, silky and smooth. I know now that it was a standard toy, contemporary or 'classic' they called it, just like the one in this pic. Nothing compared to the toys that have graced my box since. Two double-a batteries and it whired more like an electric toothbrush would than something that was intended to bring me pleasure. But was I wrong!

Nervous at first, (as every good girl should be) I needed a little wine . . . ok, perhaps a lot of wine . . . to put my mind at ease. I found it hard to relax, knowing that this certainly didn't gel with the 'good girl' image I'd worked so hard to perfect.

Once I had calmed, and not without a significant amount of suggestion from my partner, I allowed the noisy little object to caress me. Slowly but surely, the vibrator slid in me suprisingly easily. My whole body twitched as it buzzed deep inside me - I never thought such a small toy could bring so much pleasure!

Luckily, we were staying at a cabin in the woods, as my shreaks of glee were intense to say the least. I passed out from the experience, leaving my boyfriend delighted . . . and all alone!

My love affair with things that go 'buzz' in the night hasn't subsided, moving from one challenging toy to the next. I guess I am addicted, but is that a bad thing?

I don't think so . . . 80)

My very first post & why I'm doing this

Looking for a litte fun. . .
I suppose there are quite a few words that describe me.
Professional. I am a highly influential player with a very public job. You might not know me,
but if your local, someone you know does.

Mother. I am a great mother, I spend every moment I can with the kids.

Wife. I am a fine wife. We are equals in our partnership and play the part well. From cocktail receptions to company trips, I shake hands, smile, golf and 'spa' with the trophy wives that surround my husbands friends
and colleagues. I've loved my husband since I was in school, and he loves me.

Dirty Girl. You'd never know it, but I have a very naughty side . . .
Enter this blog. I certainly can't let those that work for me find out . . . our careers are to high profile for this to spread and cause embarrassment that will hurt us on the rise.

So I am opening up that side of my life here, anonymously.
I'll never let you look me in the eye, but I'd love to think of you looking at me everywhere else.

Who knows . . . I could be your wife next door!