Thursday, 16 February 2012

My very first post & why I'm doing this

Looking for a litte fun. . .
I suppose there are quite a few words that describe me.
Professional. I am a highly influential player with a very public job. You might not know me,
but if your local, someone you know does.

Mother. I am a great mother, I spend every moment I can with the kids.

Wife. I am a fine wife. We are equals in our partnership and play the part well. From cocktail receptions to company trips, I shake hands, smile, golf and 'spa' with the trophy wives that surround my husbands friends
and colleagues. I've loved my husband since I was in school, and he loves me.

Dirty Girl. You'd never know it, but I have a very naughty side . . .
Enter this blog. I certainly can't let those that work for me find out . . . our careers are to high profile for this to spread and cause embarrassment that will hurt us on the rise.

So I am opening up that side of my life here, anonymously.
I'll never let you look me in the eye, but I'd love to think of you looking at me everywhere else.

Who knows . . . I could be your wife next door!


  1. Welcome to the naughty blog world, Mary. I look forward to reading what you have to share. Good luck!